Introduction to FACTS (Fraternity of Advanced Cardiovascular Techniques and Solutions)

FACTS (Fraternity of Advanced Cardiovascular Techniques and Solutions) Foundation - is a non-profit organization formed by likeminded group of Cardiologists and some Cardiac Surgeons who irrespective of the area, country, continent they belong are committed to do newer research, innovation, education and training to all physicians and surgeons involved in caring of lives of suffering cardiac patients. It also aims to innovate new modalities of prevention or disease modification of cardiac disorders. This Foundation unlike any other existing Societies does not believe in having any regional or country restrictions for membership and encourages physicians and surgeons spread all over the world to become members, to exchange new ideas and work towards fast development of new modalities of therapy for patient care. Ever since its inception in 2009, with idea born by its Founder Directors - Dr. A. Sreenivas Kumar & Dr. Susheel Kodali,

FACTS Foundation has played a major role in realizing dramatic improvements in the accessibility of educative programmes happening all over world to physicians in Hyderabad. FACTS has brought EuroPCR, TCT Live to Hyderabad in 2010, conducted first ACVS HI 2010 Conference, ACVS INDIA 2011, 2012, 2013 & TCT INDIA NEXT 2014 in Hyderabad and TCT INDIA NEXT 2015 in Bengaluru. FACTS entered into partnership agreement with CRF/TCT in 2012 and brought India’s Premier Interventional experience TCT INDIA NEXT. FACTS’s role in interventional cardiovascular medicine is unique: conducting research on therapies, pharmacology, and devices during the earliest stages of development, confirming safety and efficacy in human clinical trials, and educating the medical community regarding appropriate use of these new procedures and technologies. FACTS is trying to encourage all physicians to develop new modalities of therapy or to refine existing procedures so that they become more operator and patient friendly. FACTS under advice of CRF aims to accelerate the process of new device development by decreasing the cost of production, hastening up the process of evaluation so as to benefit the suffering patients all over the world.

FACTS carries out its mission by following three basic principles
Research - Innovation - Education & Training

IACII - Indian Academy of Cardiac Imaging & Interventions - IACII - FACTS in collaboration with CRF brings in another new milestone in the field of Cardiology for training all young upcoming cardiologists & fellows along with CV Nurse Technicians in the newer imaging & Interventional techniques. FACTS wishes to acknowledge the help of all the Industry outfits for making this possible. The FACTS Clinical Research is first of its kind facility in a country launched with active co-operation and encouragement from Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), USA. This includes all research facilities like Angio & Echo Core Laboratories along with preclinical animal lab. Facts requests all it’s members to take more active interest in all it’s activities and would like to acknowledge the unparalleled support of Dr. Martin B. Leon the founder of CRF & TCT.

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